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Edible Zombie Meat

When we say zombies, we think of un-dead creatures coming back to life to eat the living. But what if it's the other way around even be possible?

What if the living can actually eat the undead? And if so, then that should solve world hunger in a zombie-apocalyptic world where the edibles are scarce and humans become the edibles.

One company decided that It's time to bite back! Probably some guys somewhere in the dark annals of the internet thought that in preparation of the inevitable zombie apocalypse, it would be wise to prepare the masses by creating a product known as Zombie Jerky.

Zombie Jerky is an actual, edible dried meat product covered with green, slimy, but a potentially tasty substance that we can only assume is zombie sauce. And we can only assume that, based on the packaging, it should taste like teriyaki.

Comes in apocalypse size

If you think that the Zombie Jerky is a gruesome feast, fear not. Based on my research, fortunately from what I can see, these product is made with, at the most, zombie cows, and not zombie humans as one might be led to believe. And that is indeed a good thing, for now.

Although this product is way ahead of it's time(the zombie apocalypse) we now have a chance to sample some potential food of the potential near future!.

If you are someone who always wondered how Zombies tastes like, then eat your heart out. For $8.79, you can be on the eating side of an impending eat or be eaten zombie apocalypse world.

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