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Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Have you ever wondered what computers will be like in the future? How fast they will run and how they will be used? I don't know either but what I do know is that the keyboard of the future may already be available right now! Let me introduce you to the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard!

This device emits a holographic keyboard that functions as a regular keyboard. The key is to have a flat surface where it can project a light. You actually type on the projected hologram.

This is just the type of gadget we love!

After some research, can't really put my finger on the inner workings of this device as this stuff is virtually sci-fi technology.  The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is hands down the most geeky keyboard we have seen all year.

Let us press on and examine some of the features of this Virtual Keyboard. According to the website, the keyboard  connects via Bluetooth and can pair with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The actual tangible device that projects the keyboard is powered by rechargeable, lithium ion battery that is included with virtual keyboard. 

The question whether this wireless, virtual device can replace your current keyboard for things such as gaming is still a touchy subject. It does run wirelessly but I project that this be great for people looking for a very portable keyboard, and will find its way in the hearts of technology geeks.

If you are ready to wrap your fingers around this kind of technology sometime in the near future, for $100 you can get the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard today!

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