Your Very Own Robotic Dinosaur Pet

Robots and dinosaurs are just about the coolest stuff you can get. And the Pleo rb is both.

Other than being cool, up until this point, Dinosaurs and Robots are the only two things that can be considered as human's natural predators, one living millions of years in the past and the other is yet to exists in the distant future. However, a Company called Innvo Labs has just chaged all of that with the Pleo rb.

This thing is actually a robotic dinosaur you can own

Yes my friends, they have made a robotic dinosaur that can be bought into your house as a pet. You see, Innvo Labs is a real company that is like a mashup of the fictional InGen(From Jurassic Park) and Skynet(From the terminator). But unlike InGen and Skynet, Innvo Labs has succeeded in bringing life to a dinosaur and an intelligent robot in one product.

 just like T-X, underneath the cute and cuddly exterior, the Pleo rb is actually a robot!

So how does this monstrosity (or miracle of the modern world if you like to look at it that way) works? That too is what we wanted to know so we did some of the most extensive research that our team has ever done. First we watched the DVD version of The Terminator, then Watched the original Jurassic Park on VHS, and spent an astounding fifteen minutes on the Pleoworld website and here is what we learned:

  • No pleo is truly identical, just like a dog. 
  • It develops from a newborn to an adult, just like a dog
  • It has a gender, just like a dog
  • Each has a unique personality, just like a dog
  • It can be trained and should be fed everyday, just like a dog.
  • You can dress this up with silly clothing, just like a dog.
  • And it doesn't poop, unlike a dog.

We don't know why anyone would want a robotic pet that virtually does everything a dog does, except poop, over the real thing... but... oh wait... it doesn't poop!?! Now that we have mentioned this fact, this Pleo rb is actually looking more attractive now doesn't it?

But before you go to the nearest online toy store to buy this dinosaur, there is one thing you should know. And that is the Pleo rb doesn't actually grow. So if you are expecting a 100 foot robotic dinosaur rampaging through your neighborhood and doing your every whim after just a few months of purchasing the small thing, you will be in for a disappointment. However, I don't see how  an army of 50 of these robotic pets can't  be just as formidable. You might need to save around $369.95 for a piece if you really want to build up your Pleo rb robotic army.

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