Your own live bacteria colony

And we thought we have seen them all!

This week we have stumbled upon a strange product that have been infesting the web lately. And that is, a live live bacteria colony which you can purchase online. And you wont just get a microscopic pinch out of it, you will actually get up to a half a cup of it.

They look like buggers, based on the picture, but they are composed of  pure germs making them less disgusting - that's half a cup worth of microbes!

Live bacteria you can grow in your homes

What a strange culture we live in these days. But it is all true, and word has it that these products are very popular with many seemingly ordinary citizens too.

Apparently, these colonies of bacteria which are sold from $7 to $20 with each colony inhabited by not just one type of bacteria but up to about 40 species living in a symbiotic relationship. You can feed them with sugar water or fresh milk, depending on the type of colony, and they will multiply like crazy, as all good bacteria colonies should do - multiply.

Now if you do the math, you must be thinking who in their right minds would want to grow live bacteria in their homes?

And who in their right minds will want to care for and grow bacteria colonies in their homes where their spouses sleep and children play?

Are normal people like you and me have been going to the basements of their homes in a race to make the zombie apocalypse come true? What are we missing here?

Unfortunately for future zombie apocalypse hero wannabe's, they have to wait. These live bacteria have a less nefarious purpose then you might think. In fact, the reasons are just the opposite as some people think that it is not only good for one's health but some claim it can cure or prevent all sorts of diseases too from tuberculosis, to cancer an even AIDS. Perhaps in the future, it may well be humanity's only hope for an impending zombie apocalypse.

The bacteria are not going to be used for some sinister plot! According to the ads, these bugger looking life forms are basically eaten by their human masters who has bought them and cared for them in glass vials. Yes folks, people eat these lumps of trillions of bacteria so they can live in your gut instead where they will eat the food you eat. Oh and, supposedly these bacteria are good for you too.

Now that we have established that nothing is sinister about the  live bacteria colony, I think I will pick one up just for the fun of it. They are called Kefir grains. If you want to get some too, you have to shell out about $7-$10 of dirty cash.

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