A Pet Rock

What is the most low maintenance pet one can own? A pet that you do not need to feed, you never need clean it's poop, and does not need any sort of grooming? And if you think the answer for that question is a dog, then all I can say is that you are a stone cold human being, and that this next product is perfect for you!

What I am talking about is a pet rock !  And no, I am not talking about "The Rock" in this case.

not this rock

And I am not talking about the wrestler

What I am talking about is an actual rock that you can own and care for the way you see fit without anybody judging you for it.

Now this is more like it.


What are the benefits of owning the pet rock over other pets? As I have said, it does not need to be fed, groomed and does not poop. But there is more, it won't run away from home, ruin your furniture, chase the mailman, or hump your leg (which is a good thing depending on who you ask).


Coming out of the box it knows a few tricks such as "stay", and "sit" and possibly, with a little push with your hands, "roll over". Some would even venture to say that they can train their pet rock to "attack" neighbor's windows, the neighbors themselves, and even the neighbors' passing cars with a flick of the arm, but we would never suggest such a thing.

Although capable or violence, always remember, the rock is a more of a lover than a fighter! 


The rock does have a history of being kept as a pet. Our extensive research on this unusual pet revealed that the first  pet rocks where kept by a group of people known as the "Californians" living during the1970's A.D. an era when people listened to rock n' roll, fashioned rainbow-colored garments, drove mini vans, and got stoned a lot (and not in the biblical sense) . 

Where to buy and how much

Now that I got your attention, how much does it cost to own this resilient, low maintenance pet? For a rocking $12.95 you get one pet rock with a walking leash and carry box. and an instruction booklet.

And for a modern twist there is a USB version of the pet rock for $13.14. The USB does nothing really but what can you really expect from a rock right?

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