Triops (A 3-eyed prehistoric creature)

We checked out wikipedia if 3-eyed creatures as old as the dinosaurs exist. To our surprise they defiantly do! Apparently they are called Triops.

So the next logical thing to do was to check out if you can own one of these beasts, and to our excitement, we found out that you definitely can! And for just a mere 4 you can get your own 3-eyed water dwelling pre-historic creatures !

Some call them creepy, some think they are cute. But there is no doubting that these Jurassic water dwelling critters are something unique.

3-eyed creatureWhat makes it even cooler is that these come in a sachet! Yes, you heard that right, when you purchase these things, among other things, it will come in small packages in the form of dried eggs that will resemble something like rock salt, I would guess.

But don't put these on your hamburger! Just add water and your own alien like creatures will hatch. Just like the one in the picture!

I don't know how these small, crustacean like creatures taste but by the looks of it, it's probably wondering the same about you! Good thing these pre-historic monsters don't grow too big!

For those who knows about seamonkeys, these creatures are not seamonkeys! They look different and are much bigger. But do not get me wrong, they can't eat you. We think.

The great thing about these dudes is that they are quite prolific too. So just drop them in water, let them feed, and sooner or latter they will multiply - and I don't mean math! And no, they do not divide - they lay eggs just like just about every living fossil should do.

These creatures are good to own for yourself, give to the kids, or to freak out the kids!

In our point of view, there is absolutely no reason to not get one of these. You will not only own a piece of pre-history, a living fossil since the age of dinosaurs, but you also get to own a real living creature. Something like a pet. With three eyes.

And who can not resist having a pet with 3-eyes? I'm placing my order right now.

So now that you know, what are your reasons to not get your own $14 triop set right now?

If you are feeling really cheap, or you just cant afford the set, maybe you can just get the eggs and try to hatch them in a glass or something. At $9, the eggs are a bit cheaper than the set.

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