A hoard of praying mantis

Few things are stranger than a real live praying mantis. A very few of us have seen these alien-like terrestrial creatures In places such as farms, woodlands, forests and The Discovery Channel.

And if you haven't seen one, according to the Wikipedia this is what the praying mantis looks like:

"Mantises have two grasping, spiked forelegs ("raptorial legs") in which prey items are caught and held securely. Located at the base of the femur are a set of discoidal spines, usually four in number but ranging from zero to as many as five depending on the species."

Fortunately, there is a picture or else if we just go by the description, many of us will never know what it looks like.

But how many of us can really say that, in all honesty, that we own one? Well, if you want to really own this bug-preying creature, you may be glad to know that you can!

This particular item ships as eggs that you need to hatch. Hundreds of baby praying mantis will emerge from your purchase.

They stay within the vicinity so deploy your miniature meat-eating army in your lawn to keep unwanted creatures such as beetles, crickets, butterflies and "exes" away!

So, what's a swarm of miniature storm troopers of the insect world worth? Surprisingly, for just $17.99 you get three egg cases that can hatch about 200 mantis each.

If you do the math, that is about $0.03 dollars each! Now, that's a good-looking deal!

So, if this is your type of thing, order live praying mantis today!

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