25 Cactus Plants

While the cactus is not our favorite floral matter for events such as weddings and valentine's day, they are great and strange live things to take care off. While they are not odd per se - the fact that someone will even want to grow them and purchase them online is odd enough to merit the cactus to make it on this list.

These prickly potted plants probably gained popularity in old western movies and children's cartoons as they are often a favorite among the many pain inflicting comedic devices only a children's cartoon can deliver.

In films and in TV, as popular a comic prop itself, the cactus often inevitable finds itself stuck on the bad end of a hilarious character not worthy of pity but a cause of humor and laughs.

Because the movies often serve as a reminder of all that can go wrong in real life, always be carful handling your spinney plants.

Cacti is know to be found in the strangest places on earth, from deserts, forests, and online.  If you want to own one and there is no dessert or forest near your habitat, you can get your very own cacti set online, in the form of seeds for which you have to grow.

For the price of $10.99 you get over over 25 varieties and a space age capsule to boot.

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