A Thousand Earthworms

We have no idea why a normal person would want to buy a thousand earthworms but we defiantly want these!

Our customary wikipedia quote tells us a bit of these night-crawling worms:

"The basic body plan of an earthworm is a tube, the digestive system, within a tube, the muscular slimy, moist outer body. The body is annular, formed of segments that are most specialized in the anterior. Earthworms have a simple closed circulatory system. They have two main blood vessels that extend through the length of their body"

Based on what we have just read, the important thing to pick up from the citation above is that the earthworm is shaped like a tube.

Now that point has been pointed out, why in the world would someone buy worms online? There are many reasons and we can surely think of a few!

As pets, they are not the most loyal, the cleanest, nor the most trainable. But they do serve other uses other than just laying on the ground and gathering dirt (just like our old dog Smoky does!) all day long.

For the agriculturally inclined, and for our plant keeping readers, they may want to take a second look at this soild dwelling invertebrate - because it is well known that earthworms are great to make the soil richer. Also, eathworm poop is actually good food for plants, and plants are... well... good food for humans.

Aside from plants, many creatures can also enjoy the benefits of these earth worms. These worms also rank high in the delicacy segment and are enjoyed everyday by birds, predatory insects, fish, and playground pre-schoolers world over!

So, how much is a pack of about a thousand earthworms worth? About $19.99.

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