Your Own Robotic Girlfriend

Ok, the Femisapien Robot may not actually be marketed as a robotic girlfriend, but she does have some of the best charachteristics of a great girlfriend.

Based on our research at the lab, we can say that the femisapien is very touch sensitive, independent and sophisticated. She has a seductive voice in a robotic kinda way and best of all she can be positioned the way you want!

In a certain mode, she can be very attentive, interacting with you directly and can be quite charming. She can pose, blow kisses and even sing a song with you!

The ad says:

"FemiSapien is a real 21st century robot entertaining, dynamic, and classy. A perfect, interactive friend and the evolutionary successor to the RoboSapien line."

But if you have other RoboSapiens around, you might want to keep an eye on her as she has a tendency flirt and interact with the other robots.

For $324.95, she won't ask for a diamond ring making her a cheaper alternative to the real thing.

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