Butt Cheek Boxer Shorts

We have been checking out at some great stuff for some time, and we feel like an ass for missing this great product - the Butt Cheek Boxer Shorts, which is basically a come-from-behind pleasant surprise to us.

Basically, it's a pair of shorts with a pair of butt cheeks peeking out revealing what seems to be two full buns forming what can only be described as a full moon. Not only will this underwear turn werewolves into their more nefarious form but it will turn heads as well.

Whatever prank you're thinking getting, scratch that idea, consider this instead.


Speaking of werewolves, we can only imagine Jacob, from the Twilight films, wearing something similar, because the tail has to go somewhere right?

Anyway this revealing outfit that leaves little to the imagination is guaranteed to crack everyone up while making a few laugh as well.

So, how much  would it cost you to own a brand spanking new pair of Butt Cheek Boxer Shorts?

As of writing, you should whip up between $6.88 for the low end to $17.59 for the more exquisite ones.

If you have offended someone because of using the other pranks you found in this site on some tight assed prick, then this is a good time to mend broken friendships! You can turn the other cheek by giving them a great gift in the form of this Butt Cheek Boxer Shorts. Or you can just be an ass and keep it for yourself.

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