Small dog poop replica

While owning a dog can be cute for a while, it is not something to take lightly! You need to be prepared. You will learn to be responsible and patient. Now if these does not sound too good too you, there is an alternative option - get a dog poop replica instead!

With this small dog poop replica, you can (somewhat) experience the feeling of having your very own dog without the need to own the dog!

A real dog will cost you a lot to maintain, this fake dog poop is very cheap. And you don't have to wait outside for fifteen minutes for the end product too!

Other than the points mentioned above, it is good to state that this is great for a crappy prank as well!

There are literally dozens and dozens of pranks we can think of that can make good use of the impressive faux droppings. A prank with poop is a prank that won't stink! (if you want your prank to stink, get the stink bombs with the dog poop)

For just around you can get your small dog poop now!

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