Stink Bomb

A prank that does not stink is a prank that stinks! A while ago, we saw what can be potentially the number one prank item of all time in the form of a fake dog poop.

But the sharper prank victims will smell something fishy as soon as they don't smell something fishy. That's why the next item we will discuss is the stink bomb.

Used by itself or along with the fake dog poop for a more thought out prank, this item will be the talk of the party.

So, how does a stink bomb work? We searched wikipedia to find out and here is what the website says:

"Typically, lower molecular weight volatile organic compounds are used. Generally the higher molecular weight for a given class of compounds, the lower volatility and initial concentration but the longer persistence. Some chemicals (typically thiols) have a certain concentration threshold over which the smell is not perceived significantly stronger; therefore a lower-volatility compound is capable of providing comparable stench intensity to a higher-volatility compound, but for longer time..."

And blah blah blah. Now if you are a sious prankster, you may wonder what all that is all about. Don't worry, all you need to know is that stink bombs are great fun and you don't need to have a PHD in chemistry to make use of its full potential.

This age old prank items goes for $2.80 these days. For most people April Fools Day  is the right day to purchase this classic prank item, but for the serious prankster, everyday is Christmas season!

If you are an aromatically adventurous prankster, you might want to grab stink bombs today!

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