Shock pen

Some of the things we have seen have been shockers so far. But this prank is one of the most electrifying since the hand buzzer of 1928.

When your unsuspecting prank victim depresses the top button, the pen acts as an electricity delivery device sending a dose of electricity to the person's hand. 

This shock pen works as a standard ball point pen as well, so it is still useful post-prank .

Can you imagine bringing this little baby to work? Can you imagine the look of your officemates' faces as they hold your shock pen in one hand and a prematurely emptied coffee cup in the other?

Just make sure that you also carry a real ball point pen on hand just incase your boss comes up to borrow a pen!

If you think that a great prank is a prank that delivers a great buzz, then this pen will amp up your practical jokes to a higher voltage. Just remember to not write this little gadget off as this pen won't leave you short of laughs.!

One of our current favorites,  at $2.05 this shock pen shockingly ranks high on the shock factor scale!


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