TV Poltergeist Phantom Prank Device

Because ghosts are hard to come by, and as far as we know, can't be easily bought online (but that won't stop us from trying), the TV Poltergeist Phantom Prank Device might be the next best thing for a supernatural prank we could find.

The technology in this thing has a chilling effect on those unfortunate enough to get caught in your mystical prank.

As to how this work, here is what the guys that conjured this creation has to say:

"Annoy the crap out of friends and enemies by possessing their TV so it turns on and off at random intervals every 5-20 minutes, 24 hours a day, for weeks on end"

That sounds spectacular doesn't it? They even have tips on how to use it:

"Using the TV Poltergeist couldn't be any simpler. Hide the TV Poltergeist somewhere in the same room as a TV and turn it on"

Now that couldn't be simpler even if we wanted to!

While this prank will work great with most TV sets in the world, there maybe some TV sets which won't be compatible with this device.

We are guessing that the really old ones without a remote won't work with this gadget too.  If you are too young to remember any TV set without a remote, I will tell you now that they did exist but most of them probably bit the dust already and just remains as a ghost of a reminder of the modern TV's storied past.

This prank is perfect for three special days of the year - Aprils fool day, Halloween, and just about any day in the calendar!

For $17.25, you can get the TV Poltergeist Phantom Prank Device to start producing some ethereal hilarity!

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