Walkie Talkie For Ghosts

Listen up! It doesn't need to be Halloween for strange things come up - from ghosts to goods waiting to be discovered and ultimately purchased!

This month's strange stuff is a device that claims to enable you talk to ghosts!

If you believe that talking real-time to ghosts is only possible in seance fiction, the P-SB7 Spirit Box is one device may change your mind!

Dubbed as the P-SB7 Spirit Box , this device is often seen in reality TV shows such as The Ghosts Adventurers; a show where a bunch of kids go to haunted locations to find, take a photos of, talk to, and scare (usually unintentionally) ghosts residing in such places.

"Talk to spirits near you!"

The P-SB7 Spirit Box device itself is purported to be a communication device that the departed can use to talk to the living listening to the device. Basically, it is some kind of an ethereal walkie talkie for ghosts , so to speak.

So how does a spirit box work? I do not know but research provides some cluses. According to ghostadventures.wikia.com:

"A Spirit Box is an audio-only device that rapidly scans through multiple audio channels that is said to make it relatively easy for ghosts to manipulate to say a word or phrase in real time."

Which basically means that it is a device a ghost can use to be heard by the living. To use the P-SB7 Spirit Box you just shout out questions in the hopes that a ghost is listening and wait for an intelligent response to come through the device. (I suggest that before you start talking out loud, be sure that a ghost is nearby by using a ghost detector first to avoid feeling like a fool.)

If after some soul searching, you decided that you have grown weary of talking to the living and you are dying to talk to dead instead, then I'm glad to say that there is no need for any drastic measures, simply consider shelling out $69.90 for the P-SB7 Spirit Box! Who knows, you might meet new friends, and possibly a soul mate?

".. I really need to get myself one of 'em P-SB7s..."

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