T-Rex Skull Replica

We have duged up lots of strange and great things all around the web, and a few is greater than a replica of the skull of the king. And no, I don't mean Elvis. What I am talking about is this 25 percent scale replica of the late and great Tyrannosaurus Rex! Or the T-rex for short.

This particular T-rex replica is something sort of special as it is said to be sculptured by famous dinosaur(among other things) sculptor Steve Pinney.

Now that we have given you a heads up on what you can actually own, lets look into the T-rex skull in more detail. Let's see what the manufacturer says about the size:

"...Sculpted by master sculptor Steve Pinney exclusively for Skullduggery this 25 percent scale replica captures all the detail and grandeur of the original. The skull is 13 inches long 8 inches wide and 11 inches high and comes with an oak display base and identifying brass plaque."

Looking at the picture, you may agree that this is one awsome item to add to your wish list! Just look at the teeth on this thing! You don't have to be a bonehead to appreciate this beautiful work of art. And I bet it would even look better on your headboard!

So, how much will it cost to sink your teeth into the t-rex skull is on sale for $221.58.

Now that you know you can have the head, all that's left is the rest of the thing.

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