Unicorn Meat In A Can

There are many strange, bizarre, mysterious and mythical things being sold (and stranger still bought) by people on-line. But we have learned that if it can be purchased, the stranger it is, the more likely someone will want to have it.

One of the strangest things we have discovered is the Canned Unicorn Meat. It is an enigma to us because we literally don't know what it is for and more importantly why anyone in their right minds will get one. And that's why we want one.

But before we continue, lets see what wikipedia has to say about this horny beast.

"Unicorns are not found in Greek mythology, but rather in accounts of natural history...The earliest description is from Ctesias who described them as wild asses..."

Reading what we have just read(we could never make this stuff up if we tried - look it up), we learned two important things about unicorns.

The first one is that 1) the greeks of old believe that unicorns do exist. 

And more importantly 2) a guy named Ctesias thinks that unicorns are "wild asses" - for whatever reason, we can only speculate.

Before you get too excited about fulfilling your childhood fantasy of eating a mythical creature, we have discovered that the Canned Unicorn Meat is simply a can that looks like spam(the food) with a dismembered unicorn stuffed toy in it. So it isn't really edible to humans. You really can't eat stuffed toys.

This product is the stuff of legends really. as far as we know the mythical unicorns are already extinct (or are they?). And if they still do exist, it is said that they can only be caputured by virgins making the existance of real canned unicon meat hard to digest.

For $10.99 you can grab a hold of your own Canned Unicorn Meat.

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