Real Dinosaur Bones For Sale

If owning a replica of a dinasaur skull don't excite you, then you are in luck because we have found an entire website that legally sells dinosaur bones. The great thing about their website is that they have a huge collection on sale. And because different people have different dinosaur preferences, having varied products gives you a greater chance to discover that perfect find.

One of the bones that caught our attention is the skull of a mosasaurus, which everyone knows was a gigantic aquatic lizard which resembles a crocodile crossed with flipper the dolphin. It ate everything that can fit its jaws, from turtles to other mosasaurus. What makes this skull stand out from the rest of the offering is that it really looks bad ass!


Compared to many dinosaurs in the age of reptiles, the mosasaurus is quite a new model, living just before the rest of the dinosaurs died out. That said, the guys at is selling one complete mosasaurus skull for an undisclosed amount. Along with the actual skull, your purchase may also give you "Full molding and casting rights", which I think means you are allowed make copies of the original skull you already own.

Aside from this specimen, the site also sells other old stuff. They have lots of things on sale, from dinosaur teeth to Edmonosaurus annectens femur. Prices for many of the products are anything between five dollars for smaller items to thousands of dollars for the more impressive ones.


This partial Triceratops humerus would be a great paper weight.

If you are interested in getting your hands on real dinosaur bones, then you will dig

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