Suprsonic Bird Repeller

While we can surely see a Supersonic Bird Repeller very useful in places such as parks and farms, this product is also the perfect gift for all ornithophobics out there. Because after all, everyone knows at least someone who is afraid of birds right?

I am also guessing that a small percent of our readers are frightened by our feathered avian friends and would surely appreciate this device as a gift from heaven!

So, how does this marvel of technology work? Is such a device even possible? Let's see what the manufacturer says about it:

"The bird be gone scares pest birds from landing and roosting in outdoor areas. It plays distress and predator calls of over 22 species of birds. Has the low cost method for protecting your property and has a rigid construction- UV protected materials (sun and weather resistant). Adaptable- add more speakers for more coverage...up to 6 acres."

So there we have it! It apparently plays the sound of predators to scare off specific birds. And according to the description, it can be upgraded with more speakers to make the device really take off! Being sun and weather resistant, this is no feather weight in the durability department!

Just a word of caution though, if anyone living with you or living around you enjoys keeping birds or likes to bird watch near your area, getting this device may be a bird-brained thing to do. 

Now that is taken cared of, for how much is such a device worth? The best price we can find is around $100 for the Bird B Gone Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent - that name alone is worthy of a purchase don't you think?

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