Hunting Blow Guns

Blow Guns have been used by many cultures of South East Asia and in the Amazon. The official use of the blowgun, according to our resident hunter-gatherer is for hunting small animals such as rabbits and stuff. And it makes sense, because catching small, edible, and cute creatures by hand will easily get you winded in such a short span of time.

We are guessing that mischievous teenage tribal delinquent kids also have great stories to tell on using this whimsical weapon on an unsuspecting neighbor, but you better hold your breath as so far no one has succeeded in getting a confession.

Before we get too carried away, lets catch a few breathers for a moment and enjoy this picture of what a traditional blowgun looks like.

Also, Wikipedia been kind enough to give us a pinch of information on how to use this primitive peice.

"The weapon is used by inserting the projectile inside the pipe (known as a blowgun) and using the force created by one's breath to give the projectile momentum. Its propulsive power is limited by the user's respiratory muscles."

So apparently, you blow things out of the thing with the hope of killing something tasty. 

If you think that the traditional blow gun is too traditional for you, read on.

Fortunately modern-day materials and the miracles of the modern manufacturing process have breathed new life to an ancient tool. We have found two modern-day versions of the blow gun, and like many modern things, a lot has been improved. Let us examine both.

We got a wind of the Bunker Buster 36 .40 Cal. Blowgun, and here is a nice picture:


We found this Bunker Buster 36 .40 Cal. Blowgun for $19.99.

Looking at the picture, we can say that this one blows away its predecessors in terms of complexity and features. Instead of just a plain wooden pipe, the Bunker Buster has all of those things attached to it which we have no clue of what they could be. Although people say that this weapon won't bust any bunkers as it is not one of the most powerful blowgun in the market, but it is priced very attractively.

If you want more power than the Bunker Buster, you should consider models such as the Big Bore™ One- and Two-Piece Blowguns. It looks like this:

This Big Bore Blowgun is sold at $52.99 and is more powerful

Looking on the picture alone, the Big Bore Blowgun has an air to it that suggests it is a deadlier hunting tool. It does not look too fancy, but it seems like a more serious dinner-delivery device.

My only quip is the name. People who call their own product a "big bore" seems to not want their customers get excited for sure.

Here is the actual description of the Big Bore:

"Seriously powerful blowguns for hunters and recreational shooters. Five-foot aluminum barrels push magnum .625- caliber darts at speeds 20% faster than the competition. With practice, a shooter can be deadly accurate at ranges of more than 20 yards. Our testing revealed dart penetration through 1/2" plywood at 20 ft. The two-piece blowgun assembles with threaded joints and a reinforced coupling tube. Both blowguns include a dart quiver and 36 assorted darts: 12 stun, 12 mini broadhead, six broadhead and six bamboo.
Available: One-Piece Blowgun, Two-Piece Blowgun."

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where you can catch your own food, why don't you take a few deep breaths and consider getting a Blow Gun to save a few trips to the supermarket?

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