Deer Butt Bottle Opener

Every once in a while, an assortment of very strange products rear their ugly head. And in this case, the ugly head is... well... a rear! A deer's rear to be exact! What we are talking about is a Deer Butt Bottle Opener.

This is basically a replica of a deer's butt that assimilates a bottle opener to give it the special ability to open bottles.

And the end product is this bizarre thing that is the stuff of urban folk-lore.

By the looks of it, it probably excels in the business of bottle opening too. We sure would love to take a crack at it.

Not wanting to further make an ass of ourselves even more, lets hear what the seller has to say about this:

"..It's made of sturdy molded foam with lifelike color and detail. Metal bottle opener front and center (or back and center?) Approx. 23 x 12 x 9" deep. Mounting hook on back. Weighs 1 lb., 15 ozs. A must for a lodge, garage, cabin, rec room, wherever the hunter is!"

That said, there was no explanation on how it was even imagined. We can only assume that an astute genius is the mind behind this astounding concept.

What we do know, however, is that the Deer Butt Bottle Opener is a fun object to own. This deer back-end is fully mountable too - and by that we mean on walls.

You can keep it in private places such as your den, in eating places such as the dinning room or a pantry, or even in places where the sun don't shine such as in the basement.

Where ever you want to stick this thing up, it is assured that it will be a great conversation piece, and potentially the butt of every joke in the party!

Looking back, if you consider all the fun the Deer Butt Bottle Opener can bring, at $39.97, it's not such a bad product to own. In fact, it is probably least a number two in somebody's to-buy list.

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