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If you think potty training your dog is hard, then you will find that training your dog to use twitter is infinitely more complex. That is, until we discovered this device - the Puppy Tweets (it comes in blue, and yes, it also comes in pink).

So what exactly is this device, you may ask? That is exactly what we want to know as well. We where thinking of getting one to figure out what it does but unfortunately we don't have a dog at the moment, so we reverted to the hard way of learning new things - research.

And our research revealed some disturbing stuff. Examine this description for instance:

"With a Puppy Tweets your dog can Twitter you every time he moves or barks. Is your dog a secret explorer or does he sound off the minute you leave? With this ingenious electronic dog tag that sends messages to your home computer, you will know. Your dog tweets with the blue Puppy Tweets' sound and motion sensor that attaches to your dog's collar and sends messages via Twitter to your computer or smart phone. "

Let us read this line again - "With a Puppy Tweets your dog can Twitter you every time he moves or barks".  So basically this device monitors your pet's every move, something like what governments do but for pets.

Perhaps it will tweet you with things like what your pet had for breakfast, where it pooped, who and what was sniffed today, and what was mounted in the past hour. Sadly, a majority of the potential "doggie tweets" may have more substance than what is currently being tweeted by real people right now.

The Puppy Tweets usually retails at $29.95 and can, at time of writing, be bought for a mere $9.45.

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