Hundred Dollar Bills Toilet Paper

Have you always dreamed to wipe your behind with greenbacks? Then you might be relieved to know that even if you don't have money to burn, you can at least pretend to have money to flush down the toilet - because today, we uncovered exactly the thing that makes you do all that crap in the form of Hundred Dollar Bills Toilet Paper!

The best things that come from trees are money and toilt paper.


Is it comfortable to use? I do not know. Word is that it might be a little rough to use, but the verdict is, it is still softer than the real Benjamins. The manufacturer has this to say about their product:

"3 Ply Toilet Paper $100 Bill Printed Throughout the Whole Roll. 200 Sheets per roll. Printed On Each Sheet Throughout Roll."

If you are serious about jazzing up the best seat in the house, and you are willing to dish out $15, then you can get the Hundred Dollar Bills Toilet Paper.

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