Digital Massage Boots

Okay, we have seen massage pillows and massage beds, and today, we will take a look at something a little bet more unusual. And that would be the Massage Boots

Although these are not your typical Cinderella's slippers, and wont provide that kind of happy ending you might be looking for, it claims to help relieve fatigue and do other helpful stuff. In fact, here are the official product features:

  • Gentle Massage helps to relieve fatigue and pain associated with poor circulation.
  • Digital controller is easy to use and read and allows you to customize and individually target the thigh, foot, or calf area. Has a 20-minute automatic safety shut-off.
  • Velcro adjusts to fit up to 20" calf and up to 25" thigh. Use the separate massage bags individually or simultaneously to suit your needs.
  • Massage Boots are not recommended for individuals with pacemakers, heart/vascular problems, recent injuries/surgeries or pregnant women.
  • Intended for relaxation purposes only.

So how does one use the rebooted footwear? The manufacture recomends the following:

"Simply slip on the vinyl boots, plug in the controller and choose your setting and zone to receive a non-invasive and comfortable compression treatment. Includes instruction booklet. "

If you really really need to get a pair, then you would be glad to know that you can get the Massage Boots. online for $119.95.

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