Video Survalence Galsses

So, you think you want to be James Bond? Or do you want to be just like Ethan Hunt doing impossible missions? Or maybe be just like Parco P.I. perhaps? Then, no worries my friend because today we are in for a treat!

We have re-discovered an old favorite, the Video Survalence Galsses, made for all of you hoards of spy gadget lovers and the frequent perv that visit the coolest site in the planet. The KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder Sunglasses is a, well, pair of sunglasses that has a camera attached to it somewhere.

This is the actual sales pitch for this device:

"For hands free recording use the Camcorder Sunglasses! These stylish sunglasses have a built in camera and DVR with micro switch controls right at your finger tips. This unique camcorder system will view and record what the user sees. Use in any application to record video i.e. sporting events, concerts, school programs or kids ball games. Play back is easy using your PC and almost any video software. "

Unleash the Parco in you!

Now that's been said, if you plan to get the other spy related products we have discovered such as the Cheap Audio Survelance Bug device and the Night Vision Recording Goggles, why not get the KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder as well?

As of writing, the KJB Security DVR260 Camcorder is on sale for only $21.99. Get this now to add to your amateur perv.. er.. i mean... amateur spy collection! Yeah, that's right, your spy gadget collection!

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