Sundial Ring

Sundials where invented by the ancients according to normal science, or aliens if you prefer the other science.

No matter who made them, it is generally agreed upon that the older models where large and bulky but as technology improved, smaller versions came to be.

The Sundial Ring we are looking at is based on the design originally commissioned by Eleanor of Aquitane for her then husband King Henry II of England. Even though that love story ended in a marital disaster, it did leave us with a few blissful things including this Sundial Ring.

Virtually everything under the sun these days requires USB to get recharged. These time-telling devices are completely solar powered (no USB needed) making it 100% green. It looks smaller than your typical wrist watch too. 

Without a shadow of doubt - these things will never get anymore obsolete. It wont run out of batteries either, because they don't use any.

But is it good enough to replace your Girard-Perregaux chronograph wrist watch? Probably not, but it sure is more portable than your typical Egyptian shadow clocks!

How does it work? The site's instruction page shines a light on the mystery:

"On a sunny day, suspend the sundial by its black satin cord. Through a tiny hole, a thin ray of sunshine will illuminate a number on the inside of the dial showing the time of day."

The Sundial Ring will cost about $33.95 to own.

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