Video Camera Pen

There comes a time in every geek's life that he comes around with a gadget that holds great potential for power! Whether it is used for good or for evil, does it really matter? With a Video Camera Pen you can actually do just that.

With a small, concealed video capturing device, the budding spy, detective, or villain can record video of things that you don't want other people to know you are recording.

Perhaps you need to get some video evidence in the name of the law. Maybe get some evidence of a drug bust for instance. Or you could record "home" videos of intimate moments, for the purpose of preserving memories and in no way share online. Or you could capture funny candid video clips  in a family outing for the purpose of posting online. The limit is your imagination and technically the 2GB memory that comes with the device.

Here is a part of the actual product description:

"The stylish looking black ballpoint pen has hidden talents as it contains a pinhole video camera so small you almost can not see that it is there. The PenCam's intelligent design includes massive 4GB of built-in internal memory for storing your video. Viewing or copying the videos is easy, and you can connect the standard USB plug straight into your computer to view your movies. No special cables, no adapters, no drivers, no worries! "
"What's more, you can use the USB port to recharge the pen?s battery to give up to 90 minutes of video recording time before needing recharging again."
Weather your geekiness resembles more of a noble 007 or just a sick bastard, the Video Camera Pen sold for less than $70 is undeniably a great gadget to own, don't you think?

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