Cheap Audio Surveillance Bug Device

If you ever want to spy on someone like the FBI does in movies, then listen to this; we have uncovered the Audio Bug Surveillance Device- a tool that lets you "bug" a house to gain covert information.


News is that you can get this baby cheap.

According to the manufacturer, this device works this way:

"Simply insert a GSM SIM card of your desired phone number inside for the bug device, then put it in anywhere you want in the world! Whatever what you want to monitor, just dial up the bug's inserted phone number and listening anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone / telephone at hone, office..."

Other than for detective work, it is great for finding out cheating spouses, gathering gossip. It is also great for finding out all the great, flattering things and praises that your friends say about you when you are not around because thats what friends do behind your back right?

If to become just like like big brother is your thing, or you want to relive all the drama of watergate, PI Parco, or your favorite FBI bust scenes, then you must absolutly get the  Audio Bug Surveillance Device for a cool $25.39.

Check out more details about the  Audio Bug Surveillance Device.

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