Time Machine Table Clock

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This product is called a Time Machine Table Clock. But this is what the manufacturer has to say:

"Time Machine is the clock that's fun to watch! Just turn it on and its precise mechanism transfers a chrome ball every sixty seconds for the perfect time. With its custom acrylic display case and ultra-modern design, Time Machine is destined to become the centerpiece of any room or office and will entertain and amaze for years!"

For the actual purpose of this item, we are totally clueless. It sure does not look like a clock, and only time will tell if it is actually a functioning  time machine.

But when you think about it, who really needs a clock (or a watch for that matter) if you actually have a full functioning time machine?

Looking at the picture, it has some spiral tracks, a device of some sort, and it literally has balls of steel.
Make of it as you will but one thing is for sure - this thing looks awesome!

Now that you know such an item exists, you may be excited to know that you can get your very own!

But, how much is an item such as this timeless masterpeice is worth? The list price at the time of writing is $40.00.

If you want it, then you can get the Time Machine Tabletop Clock.

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