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Many of our viewers just love to sit on the couch and watch science fiction movies all day long. From time to time, many of you may be wondering if it's time to get off the couch, get in touch with the real world and do something productive.

Today, we have found a gadget that will help convince you to do just that. This strange stuff is a gadget so cool it is probably the ultimate future device that one can buy today!

...and Its called the BFB 3000 3D CAD Printer. With seemingly Star Trek level technology, you can literally print real stuff in the form of tangible 3d objects. No paper needed for a truly paperless workplace!

What is the price for this technology worthy of the Star-Trek Enterprise worth? For only $4,449.00, you will never have to buy a toy, rc part, or figurines ever again! Just imagine the savings! You can just keep on printing your own designs! Your imagination is the limit!

The secret is that you need to have a 3d model in a certain format. A 3d model is something like a jpeg image, but in 3d. In a regular printer you need a picture or a text document to print, for this futuristic printer you need a 3d model. Makes sense to us.

So where do you get the 3d models? You can create your own using software or if you wish not to create your own, and you know someone who knows how to use software such as CAD(the device does come with a CAD program too, so that's a plus!) or 3ds max, you can have your 3d models made for you.

Finally, you can buy pre-made 3d models from places such as turbosquid and cgtrader - they have thousands and thousands of them to pick from! Just make sure they are in the right format!

Here are some of the things that can be done with this awesome printer:


You must be asking if this gadget is worth the $4,449.00 price tag? In our opinion, based on what it can do, the answer is - yes indeed! And if we had that kind of money, we would probably be getting one BFB 3000 3D CAD Printer ourselves. 

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