Useless Machine Kit

We have seen lots of useless things on the internet, but we have never seen anything that is purposely designed to be useless, until today!

With this find, you can baffle your co-workers with this Useless Machine Kit as it has baffled millions (okay, maybe not millions).

What is it for? Well, frankly, it is marketed as a "Completely useless machine" and promises to be "Not usefull for any practical purpose". It is also said to "(provide) years of useless service". So it is sort of like a boss of sorts that won't order you around.

That being said, finding a use for this thing is futile. It is not even useful as a box as it has a mechanism in it.

The guy who thought of this thing is either taking the expression thinking out of the box too seriously or is simply boxed out from the design committee.

The Useless Machine Kit is kind of like our staff - it doesn't do anything useful, takes up space and makes weird sounds.

This machine also opens up slightly as it growls when the switch is activated. It does require 4 AA batteries(included) to power it's useless features.

Other than failing to be anything useful, or shall we say, succeeding in being totally useless, this machine is a great way to spend money on a device that will not disappoint. If you want a gadget that truly delivers its promise, then this Useless Machine Kit is yours for $34.99. 

If you need anything else that delivers something else, anything else, then look the other way.

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