Toilet Mug

Lovingly re-live fond memories of your number ones, number twos, and nights when you just can't hold your liquor with each cup of coffee with the Toilet Mug.

This ceramic mug can hold up to 12-onces of your favorite hot beverage (or urine) and is dishwasher safe. It is extremely detailed and because it is quite big, you are not limited to teas, coffees and all the basic drinkable crap. Ice cream and all sorts of dessert can be used with it as well.

Chocolate ice cream looks great in this mug!

Other than for food stuff, the Toilet Mug is a great gift to give that special someone something he truly deserves! There are fewer things in this world that lets someone know how much they mean to you, and how highly you think of them by giving them an ugly mug.

If you are willing to flush $11 down the toilet, then you should stop and consider getting the Toilet Mug instead.

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